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Mistral's Philosophy...

This is not business as usual!  Unusual but true. Mistral operates under a philosophy that some have labeled as “New Age” - we are motivated by the effectiveness of our products as opposed to the size of our net profits!  How many companies do you know with that motto?

Our primary platform called Unison is a set of highly advanced software applications focused on delivering information, not data.  This is the underlying principle of our developments: From Data to Knowledge.  There is only one way to achieve this: integration.  Do not get fooled by cheap sales pitches where expressions such a “seamless integration” are used when in fact only rudimentary import and export tools are offered.  Data and system integration is one of the most sought after asset in a software solution and yet very few vendors offer it.

Product Spotlight

The Fund Raising system is presently being studied and specifications are being laid out.  In keeping with our design philosophy, the Fund Raising system will be fully integrated within Unison and its many applications.

Software developments are slated for January 2010 and a deliverable system available by June of the same year.  Internet extensions will be added to the project so that donations can be accepted online.

Mistral Data Systems response to "Heartbleed"